• Mrs. Tapia

5 Ways to self-care

Self-care is important. It is the way we take care of ourselves to support our mental, emotional, and physical health. There are many ways to self-care. It can be something that relaxes you such as a hobby, music, walking, etc. Here are 5 ways to self care at home.

  1. Physical self-care: Exercising, walking, jogging, playing sports, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep.

  2. Social self-care: Building relationships with others through phone calls, hanging out with friends and family, getting involved at school and in the community.

  3. Mental health self-care: Puzzles, reading, learning something new, watching inspiring movies, practicing compassion and acceptance, painting, gardening, arts and crafts.

  4. Spiritual self-care: Meditation, yoga, practicing inner peace.

  5. Emotional self-care: Find healthy coping skills to deal with your anger, sadness, or anxiety. These activities help you express your feelings such as art, writing, singing, playing music, exercising, and playing sports.


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