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Back To School

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We are getting closer to the first day of school. After a summer of sleeping in, playing video games, and scrolling on social media on your own schedule, the time has come for that morning alarm clock to announce the first day of school. That RING RING RING can be a rude awakening. Whether you're a nervous new sixth grader or a confident seventh or eighth grade student who already knows the ropes, heading back to school signals: new classes, new teachers, new schedules, and a new social scene. Here are some tips on how you can make the transition from summer to school a bit easier.

First Day Mania

There's no escaping the fact that the first day of school can be a bit crazy. New kids get lost. Lockers won't open. The school nurse needs your medical records. You forgot your gym shorts. Everyone is running in all directions, looking for their classrooms. How can you combat first-day chaos? If this is your first time at the school, try to get a map from the front office or check the school map located in your planner. Get one and look it over before school starts — then keep it in your backpack until you're familiar with your new surroundings. If you still get lost, there is no need to worry, counselors, principals, school security, and teachers will be out and about helping students find their way.

Your first day is also the time to bring school supplies. It can help to pack your backpack the night before school starts so you're not scrambling around at the last minute looking for what you need. In addition to packing basic supplies (such as notebooks, and pencils) hunt down any of the school forms that were mailed to your family over the summer: maps, class schedules, or completed physical forms.

Are you worried about what to wear? No worries!!! Everyone wears school uniforms. If you are unsure of what to buy check your planner for the student handbook. The KEY is to wear what makes you feel GOOD, whether it's brand-new shoes or a comfy old sweater. If you plan to wear a new pair of shoes, break them in a few days beforehand or your feet may scream for help before the last period.

Here's what to expect:

You'll meet your new teachers, and they'll probably give you an overview of the course syllabus, class rules, what the semester will be like, what supplies you'll need, and expectations of your performance and behavior. Some teachers will jump right into their first lesson, while others may have non-coursework activities planned. It all depends on the class and teacher.


Here's a simple equation: new place = new emotions. Lots of people feel anxious, scared, or excited about school. Although students who are coming back as seventh or eighth graders may be happy they're back and can't wait to visit with friends, most sixth graders or new kids are likely to be tense or worried. It's perfectly normal to feel nervous on the first day of school. Getting back to the school routine and adjusting to new workloads takes some getting use to after a long summer break. If you're having a mental meltdown, think back to some previous"first days" like kindergarten. Everything probably settled down pretty quickly once you got into the routine.

Meeting new people or getting reacquainted with classmates can feel overwhelming, especially if you're shy. Start small: If large groups make you nervous, try saying hello to one or two new people a day — try the kid at the desk next to yours in one of your classes or ask new people to sit with you in the cafeteria.

If you still feel uncomfortable after a few days, talk to the school counselors, WE'RE AWESOME!! Or you can talk to a favorite teacher or someone else you trust about how you're feeling and what you can do. But give yourself time — most problems adjusting to school are only temporary. But always remember to be POSITIVE!!


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